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Information sent to FSC member clubs on 22nd May 2020:


Dear Member Clubs,

We are pleased to advise that training will be able to resume effective 25 May, subject to the following:

1. Clubs are required to adhere to the ‘FNSW Return to Training Framework’ Although these requirements go above and beyond the recent NSW Government Public Health Notice, the Framework has been developed in the interests of promoting the safety of the community as much as possible and has formed the basis of risk assessments undertaken by Councils to facilitate access to grounds;

2. Training can resume from next Monday, 25 May 2020, however each club has the discretion to determine when training will commence for their teams. Further to this, we have advised Wollongong, Kiama and Shellharbour Council of this information and are waiting on confirmation to ensure grounds will be open. This is obviously a key point, and we will provide updates on this as soon as possible including any further additional requirements from local councils. To be clear training cannot commence until approval is received from all relevant local councils for all licensed and leased grounds;

3. The Framework is to be communicated to all coaches, players and key stakeholders of the club and FSC will also share information via our social media platforms;

4. In addition to the Framework:

  • A. Clubs will be required to prepare a training schedule indicating which teams will be training on designated fields for each day of the week to assist with the tracking of players and coaches if required. This will be required to be sent to FSC prior to the resumption of training and then ongoing if this changes;
  • B. To allow clubs and FSC to assist NSW Health (if the need arises for tracking purposes) clubs need to keep records of the dates and attendees at each training session which can be done via either:

5. Clubs using Wollongong City Council fields that will commence training prior to the 31st May will need to advise FSC, so that ground bookings can be reinstated. As a result of the football suspension, all ground bookings were cancelled up to the 31st May and therefore Council will need to be advised that fields may now be required.

6. It will be a requirement for teams to have sanitisers from the date of training commencement. FSC has purchased an initial supply of sanitiser for each club and this will be available for pick on Saturday 30th May (with more information to follow). Clubs may consider requesting each player to provide their own sanitiser at training and label this clearly.

We understand that there is some detail and requirements to be complied with, however these have been developed to manage the expectations of both local and state government bodies and to ensure that there is no ongoing compromise to community sport. These requirements may change and we will provide updates as soon as possible. It is essential that each club understands the expectations to not only commence community sport, but to do so in a manner that is in the interests of public safety.

Our Football Development Manager, Jonathan Forster has also been liaising with FFA and coaching resources will be available shortly to assist coaches with session planning. Further information will follow and published via FSC social media channels.

Return to Play Dates

The NSW Government has not provided any indication on ‘Return to Play’ dates. FNSW have advised:

We are engaging with the NSW Government as to when we may be able return to competitive play and Management is currently developing a set of ‘Return to Play’ Guidelines which we will shortly forward to the appropriate authorities. We remain committed to working with all stakeholders to ensure competitive play can resume as soon as possible’.

FNSW will be submitting a return to play framework to the NSW government with the potential commencement date of the 1st July. We’re hopeful games will return by this date and we will keep our football family updated.

We understand that not having confirmed dates for the resumption of games still causes uncertainty and understand that each club will need to make their own decisions in relation to the resumption of training.


Yours in football,

Ann-Marie Balliana

Managing Director and CEO

Football South Coast

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