Corrimal Rangers and Port Kembla shared the points as both teams tucked away penalties in a 1-1 draw in the first game of a Super Saturday at Ian McLennan Park.

Corrimal dominated for a majority of the first half as they controlled possession and did not let Port Kembla have a single chance in the first 45 minutes.

The Rangers first major chance came in the 28th minute when Cody Wehmeyer received the ball at the edge of the area after a clearance from a corner.

He chipped it over the defence right into their striker Jai Mellor who got his head onto it and made a decent connection, but it landed in the goalkeeper’s arms.

Corrimal did not stop pushing for a goal and it showed as four minutes later Wehmeyer was on the ball again and played an incredible through ball to break down Port Kembla’s defence.

Zane Wilson ran onto the pass and was one-on-one with the goalkeeper Bryce Daenell, but he put his scooping shot just wide.

Once more, Corrimal found themselves on the counterattack with Wilson and Wehmeyer both involved again as they played a beautiful one-two on the right wing to set Wehmeyer free down the sideline for a cross.

The cross went in for Mellor who made a poor connection, skying the ball over the bar for a goal kick.

Three minutes later Corrimal was awarded a penalty after Domonico Tripodi went down in the box after he touched the ball forward to escape the defender before being bundled over.

Once everyone cleared the box, Tripodi stepped up and calmly placed it down the bottom left to go up 1-0 at the 40th minute with the Rangers holding on to the lead until the break.

Port Kembla’s first chance came minutes after the second half got underway.

Jordan Nikolovski controlled a bouncing pass and attempted a long-range volley that went straight into a defender and bounced over to Corrimal’s goalkeeper Takumi Tomizawa.

In the 53rd minute, Wehmeyer had a half volley from range that was heading for the bottom right, but Bryce Daenell of Port got there just in time to make a comfortable save.

The tempo of the game rose in the last half hour as Port Kembla looked stronger on every attack.

Port Kembla were back awarded a penalty in the 70th minute after Nikolovski danced into the box before being tripped.

Port Kembla finally got their biggest chance in the 70th minute when they received a penalty.

Nikolovski took the penalty and blasted the ball into the top right corner and out of the reach of the goalkeeper.

Five minutes after Port’s penalty, they found themselves on the break again with Nikolovski’s second attempt going straight at Tomizawa who yet again showed outstanding reflexes.

The last big chance of the game was when Corrimal’s Wilson cut the ball into the box from the right.

Daniel Villella looked to be the super sub for the Rangers, but used too much power on the shot as it was a whisker away from hitting the crossbar on the way over.

Both teams gain a point at Ian McLennan in what was a desperate back and forth second half.

Depending on weather conditions, Port’s next game will be at JJ Kelly Park against Coniston while Corrimal will be facing Bellambi.

Port Kembla FC 1

Corrimal Rangers 1

Port Kembla: 1. DAENELL Bryce, 2. CHICHARO Daniel, 3. DONNELLY Lachlan, 4. PAPALIA Luca, 5. PRANDALOS Peter, 6. NIKOLOVSKI Jayden, 7. DI PIETRO Mitch, 8. LAVELLE Rocky, 9. ANAGNOSTOPOULOS Harrison, 10. NIKOLOVSKI Jordan, 11. CARELLA Daniel

Substitutes: 12. SAFIOTTI Christian (CARELLA), 13. BALL Nathan (LAVELLE), 14. ANAGNOSTOPOULOS James (H. ANAGNOSTOPOULOS), 15. WINTER Zac, 21. (GK) GENVA Luke.

Corrimal Rangers: 1. TOMIZAWA Takumi, 2. MILISSARI Vincenzo, 3. KOBAYASHI Masamore, 4. LEAN Mauro, 5. CUSACK Tom, 6. CATON Dylan, 7. WILSON Zane, 8. WEHMEYER Cody, 9. MELLOR Jai, 10. TRIPODI Dominico, 11. CARRENO Daniel

Substitutes: 12. SCOTCHER Jack (CATON), 13. VILLELLA Daniel, 14. BUSSOLETTI Jaxon (CUASAK), 15. BOON Caleb, 21. OBREE Lachlan.

Date: 2 April 2022

Venue: Ian McLennan Park

Referee: Jay Walpole

Assistant Referees: Damian Dennelly and Tory

Report by Solomon Beddow, on Twitter @SolomonBeddow

Photo by Kiah Hufton

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