MatchRef Start Up

Junior Referees

All Junior Referees do not need access to MatchRef. You will be appointed to games by your assigned Junior Referee Club Coordinator. If for any reason you need access throughout the season, you will be contacted directly.

Senior Referees

Senior Referees will need to follow the guide below to access MatchRef. All senior appointments will be done via MatchRef. Please email: for any enquiry relating to MatchRef appointments. 

MatchRef access

1. Referee Registers with FSC on Play Football

2. FSC will then make the referee active in MatchRef and provide a sign in to access the MatchRef app.

3. After referee logs in to MatchRef they can then go to “change password” to set up their own password for their account.

4. Referee can then use “My Details” to update any address, mobile or email contacts that need updating so they can be contacted by fellow referees for wet weather etc.

5. Referee can then go into “My Related Teams” to take out any conflict from teams you are playing in or coaching or related to so you don’t get appointed to those matches.

6. Referee can then go into “My Unavailability” to add in each day or half day or couple of hours that they wish to block themselves out for that time period.

7. Referee must have this done by COB Thursday (before the next weeks appointments) or Match Ref will not accept any unavailability’s put in after this time.

8. Referee can go into “My Upcoming” to see which games they have been appointed to after appointments have been published.

9. Referee can go into “Uncovered Matches” to see if they are available for extra games and contact or the Referee mobile – O447 073 836 to let them know you are available for extra games.

10. Referee can go into “My History” and see what games they have had this season.