2022-7-31 UOW vs Albion Park White Eagles (612)

Albion Park White Eagles fired back in the second half with a late comeback grabbing a 3-3 draw away from home against University on Sunday afternoon.

The White Eagles had a flying start to the match with captain Brittany Ring sending Eliza Cowan towards the centre of the 18-yard box before hitting her shot just inches away from the far post.

A couple of attacking chances from Petrovski looked to be dangerous 10 minutes in but continued to be dealt with by Park’s defence.

At the 20th minute mark, a continuous flood of chances came from the White Eagles with Michelle Foscarini skipping past her opponents in the centre of the park before her long range shot was saved by the Unicorns goalkeeper Kylie Layland.

A later rebound ball fell right into the feet of Jessica Hanley before hitting her shot over the crossbar.

A half volley chance from Ring and a one-on-one opportunity for Cowan saw both forwards continue to give University’s defence problems but could not find the equaliser.

Shortly after, a handball from Park’s defender earned UOW a penalty in the 27th minute with left-back Lisa Tolson stepping up and sending her strike right into the guts of the net.

APWE would soon hit back with a through-ball into Ring who pulled the trigger, sending her shot into the bottom right corner of the net before a very questionable offside call from the linesmen put their chance at equalising on hold once more.

After such dominance in the White Eagle’s attack, it was a penalty for the Unicorns that gave them a 1-0 lead at half-time.

The action returned immediately as the Unicorns received a long-range free kick. Rilee Wagner sent the ball precisely into the centre of the six-yard box where Lily Dawson would soon tap the ball into the bottom corner taking a 2-0 lead in the 46th minute.

Park would retaliate back with a corner ball sent straight into the head of Hanley who’s effort would soon be denied by the crossbar.

The White Eagles would begin their potential comeback with a foul in the box, before being awarded a penalty. Foscarini stepped up to the penalty spot and calmly sent the ball past goalkeeper Layland, setting the score 2-1 in the 65th minute.

A chance to make it three for the Unicorns, a cross into Kate Stewart saw her shot be denied by the hands of Megan Blanch in the 70th minute.

The last 10 minutes of the match was filled with goals, beginning with a ball over the top from Park’s Samantha Watermoth and into Cowan who’s strike flew into the back of the net for a 2-2 equaliser.

In the 84th minute, a second handball from Park gave the Unicorns their second penalty for the day, with Tolson stepping up to the penalty spot once more and calmly scoring University’s third for the afternoon, taking back a 3-2 lead.

It wasn’t over just yet with captain Brittany Ring showing nothing but class out wide before sending a powerful shot past Layland to level the scores with just four minutes remaining.

The away side caused late havoc for the Unicorns lead at home, with the final score finishing 3-3 at the full-time blow.

APWE will host the Thirroul Thunderbirds next Friday in an evening fixture, whilst University will travel to Ocean Park as they come up against Woonona.


Date: 31 July 2022

Venue: UOW 2

Referee: Joel Nees


Report by Alison Dinh, on Twitter @alisondinh_

Photos courtesy of Richie Wagner

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