FAQ – Referees

How do I become a referee?

  • The first step is to complete the online Laws of The Game
  • The second step is to register your interest with Football South Coast and determine when the next Level 4 course will be run.
  • The third step, register and pay via PLAYFOOTBALL same as registering as a player. Please see our Information and Registration page for details

When will the next level 4 course be run?

What is the cost of registration if I am an existing referee in 2023?

Can I wear “skins” under my uniform?

  • Shirts – Yes, as long as they are BLACK and do not extend past the short sleeve.
  • Shorts – Yes, as long as they can’t be seen under the shorts and must be black.

When can I buy the referee uniform?

  • The uniform is available at the FSC office (45 Chapman Street, Fairy Meadow), including the alternative blue and red shirt if required for all new senior competition referees. You can also purchase the uniform online directly from Legea.

If I am a new referee – which club will I referee at?

  • Junior competition referees – when the Level 4 is completed, FSC will allocate you to a junior club, where possible as close to home. This will be known as your Home Club.
  • Senior competition referees – will be appointed by Dribl.

Do I only referee at my Junior Home Club?

  • You must referee at your home club as a first priority. Your referee coordinator may ask you to referee at a nearby club, you must not accept any appointments at another club without prior knowledge from your referee coordinator.

How am I appointed to games?

  • Junior competition referees – this is done by your Home Club and they will notify you as per their communication protocols
  • Senior competition referees – are completed by DRIBL. You will be provided with details on how to register and log-in to this system prior to official appointments

How am I Paid?

  • Junior competition referees – your Home Club will pay you via an agreed method.
  • Payment for senior games and FSC representative games are paid to your nominated bank account on a monthly basis by the FSC office.

Can I Referee at senior level?

  • Yes, however there are a number of requirements before progression. You must be assessed to progress, you must be prepared to complete a Level 3 referee course, and be assessed at a practical level as being competent to referee senior football.

When does the season start?

How often am I required to attend meetings?

  • We have a schedule of upcoming meetings. Please see our Referee Meeting Dates page for more information.
  • Senior match referees will be offered monthly development sessions to be conducted by the FSC Referee Coach on the first tuesday of the month.
  • Junior match referees will be offered two training sessions

Is there any other information I need to know?

  • The FSC website has a section for Referees which includes other information such as resources, policies, etc.
  • For further information, contact the office on (02) 4285 6929 during office hours or email Kat the referee coordinator: referees@footballsouthcoast.com