Corrimal Rangers and Port Kembla shared the points on Thursday evening, after their round seven fixture resulted in a 2-2 draw.

It was a dominating start from the home side, with a couple of chances in the first 10 minutes with Shunjiro Shibuya driving through the midfield and sending his long shot over the cross bar.

Shortly after, Keegan Matias sent an accurate corner ball into the box, where a pass back into the feet of Cody Wehmeyer forced a diving save out of Port Kembla’s goalkeeper, Matthew Nikolovski.

In the 20th minute, the likes of Jordan Nikolovski and Marco Pennisi looked to be dangerous in the front third, but a well-composed Rangers defence line held their opponents out.

Another chance came for the home side with a flick on ball from Marcus Bimbilovski into Matias who sent his delivery just inches away from the far top corner.

Five minutes later, the Rangers went on the attack once more with a ball from Bimbilovski, into Zane Wilson who sat wide before driving his narrow-angled effort over the cross bar once more for Corrimal.

Port Kembla would soon step up, with Carella intercepting the ball at the half-way line and travelling toward goal, striking his shot just off the near post.

A last chance came for Port Kembla when Carella picked up the ball outside the 18 and sped through the defence line, but his shot from range would skim the cross bar.

With the home side taking command in the first 45 minutes, Port Kembla would still hold them out until the half-time whistle, as the two teams would head into the sheds with a 0-0 draw.

The second half became action packed, beginning with a strong chance from Wehmeyer playing a ball in behind the right channel, where Wilson would soon find his shot blocked.

It was a goalless match up until the 60th minute when the home side would grab the first goal of the match.

Keegan Matias stepped up for a free-kick and curved his superb strike around the right-hand side of Nikolovski and into the back of the net for a 1-0 lead.

10 minutes later, the Ranger’s lead was short lived when Port Kembla’s right-back Lachlan Flood stepped up for a free-kick just inside the halfway line.

Flood sent his long-range ball toward the goal and into the fingers of Harrison Matias who would soon slip the ball backwards out of his hands and into the goal, scoring an own goal for his opponents.

In the 80th minute, the away side showed nothing but hunger when a ball from Port Kembla’s midfield was sent into the left side of the box where Carella’s first time shot went flying into the far corner, gaining a 2-1 lead.

With both team’s fighting hard in the final four minutes, Corrimal’s Wilson was involved once more and this time resulted in a goal, when he sent a precise ball from the right side into the head of Shibuja who’s attempt fell straight past Nikolovski, setting the scores at 2-2.

One last effort came in the 90th minute for Port Kembla’s Flood who picked up a rebound ball just outside the 18 before forcing Matias to make another outstanding save.

The match finished with the sides unable to be separated in an evening clash at Memorial Park on Thursday night.


Corrimal Rangers 2 (Keegan Matias 60’, Shunjiro Shibuya 86’)

Port Kembla 2 (OG Harrison Matias 71’, Daniel Carella 81’)


Corrimal Rangers: 1. MATIAS Harrison, 2. PAULL Luke, 3. HRISTOVSKI Steven, 4. PAPALIA Luca, 5. CHAPMAN Timothy, 6. WEHMEYER Cody, 7. WILSON Zane, 8. BIMBILOVSKI Marcus, 9. SHIBUYA Shunjiro, 10. MATIAS Keegan, 11. NAGASAWA Shuhei

Substitutes: 12. ANAGNOSTOPOULOS Harrison, 13. CALLAWAY Reid, 14. MAVRIDIS Liam, 15. ANAGNOSTOPOULOS James, 16. CARIO Nathan, 21. MICALLEF Joshua


Port Kembla: 1. NIKOLOVSKI Matthew, 2. FLOOD Lachlan, 3. NAKAYAMA Taiga, 4. TOMASIELLO Sebastian, 5. CHICHARO Daniel, 6. KIZI Jordan, 7. IWAMOTO Shotaro, 8. NIKOLOVSKI Jayden, 9. CARELLA Daniel, 10. NIKOLOVSKI Jordan, 11. PENNISI Marco

Substitutes: 12. CARRASCO Oliver, 13. CRAPIS Joshua, 14. NAYDOVSKI Dylan, 15. MORTIMER Jackson, 16. COROLLA Dane, 21. GENUA Luke


Date: Thursday 25 May 2023

Venue: Memorial Park 1


Referee: Caleb Blanch

Assistant Referees: Warwick Davidson


Report: Alison Dinh
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