FSC Grievance Notification


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  • Introduction

    Before submitting this notification form and information in relation to your grievance, the applicant is advised to read section 8.3 - Grievances, of the Football South Coast Disciplinary and Disputes Regulations. (Regulations)

    FSC will only accept a grievance if you have satisfied clause 8.3 (c) and 8.3 (d).

    You will be asked to provide a statement of facts, all correspondence between the parties and a statement of relief.
  • Applicant Details

    Your information
  • Claim or Complaint

    Pursuant to section 8.3 of the Regulations,

    a "Claim" means a claim or disagreement by, against, or between Members and

    "Complaint" involves the allegation that a Member's conduct is unethical and/or in breach of FA Rules and Regulations, FNSW Rules and Regulations, FSC Rules and Regulations or Codes of Practice/Conduct or a Member club's rules and regulations.
  • Respondent Details

    Who are you lodging the grievance against?
  • Name of Person and/or Club
  • Affected Party

    Your application of relief may have consequences for another party. FSC would like to ensure that the Affected party (including FSC) are aware of your application and is provided with an opportunity to be heard