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Celebrating Sarah’s Dedication to Women’s Football During Female Football Week

Sarah’s passion for sports runs deep, as she’s been actively involved in various aspects of the sporting community, particularly in football. As a dedicated volunteer, player, referee, and advocate for women’s football, she embodies the spirit of Female Football Week.

Her journey began with her children’s involvement in football at Bulli Junior Football Club (BJFC), where she quickly became ingrained in the community. Sarah’s commitment to the club saw her stepping up to the committee, eventually becoming the first female President, and later serving as Vice President, ensuring the club’s continued success through a blend of experience and fresh perspectives.

Witnessing the joy and growth of young players at BJFC has been a rewarding experience for Sarah, who believes in the importance of sports in building life skills and friendships. Her dedication to fostering inclusivity and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to play has contributed to the club’s growth and vibrant community spirit.

Beyond her club involvement, Sarah’s influence extends to the broader football community. As a Junior Councilor for Football South Coast, she strives to contribute meaningfully to the development of the junior game in the region, aligning with FSC’s strategic plan and representing the voices of member clubs.

In 2022, Sarah embarked on a new challenge by completing her Level 4 referee course, further solidifying her commitment to the sport. Her multifaceted involvement as a player, volunteer, and now referee highlights her dedication to football at all levels.

Looking ahead, Sarah humorously remarks that coaching the Matilda’s might just be the next natural step in her football journey. With her passion, drive, and love for the game, there’s no doubt she’ll continue to make a positive impact on women’s football for years to come.

During Female Football Week, we celebrate Sarah’s inspiring journey and unwavering dedication to advancing women’s football both on and off the pitch. Her story serves as a testament to the power of passion and community in shaping the future of the beautiful game.

And as we celebrate Female Football Week, we also wish Sarah a very Happy Birthday! 🎉🎂

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