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Female Football Week with Kiama Junior Football Club and today we would like to acknowledge the committee which includes Ben Morgan, who is not only the U9’s coach but is also the Female Football Advocate for the club.

Ben became involved with Female Football through his daughter, in which he volunteers his time and commitment to the game on and off the pitch, and has been recognized for all he has done to ensure that female participation within football continues to grow.

“With all the activities my daughter participates in outside of school, football ranks the highest by far and gives her the most enjoyment, that transpires onto me,” Morgan said.

“The Club is a big advocate of Female Football with half of the committee being females and Kiama JFC also hosted the Sydney FRC Female Football Festival last year.”

In 2021, a group of young girls (including Bens Daughter) formed the only all female U6’s team at Kiama playing in the mixed competition. With the girls keen to stick together after their first season, so the girls stepped up to play in the Female U8’s competition.

With the size of the field changing, no coach on the field to guide the girls around, and being a year younger than their opponents, this was a massive change for the team. Nevertheless, the girls gave it their all, played with an amazing attitude and always finished with big smiles.


“Playing U8’s for a second time in 2023, the Kiama girls are back this year and keener than ever,” said Morgan.

“Their biggest strength is their cohesiveness as a team that they have forged over the seasons and it really shows on the field.

“This year there are 27 U9’s female teams in the competition including three from Kiama which is outstanding considering only two years ago there weren’t even enough teams run their age group.”


Morgan has coached both mixed and all females teams and has come across much a positive increase in the involvement with females in football.

Ben, alongside the Kiama Juniors Football Club, have always tried to encourage promotion pf female football as much as possible. They believe that the growth of female football in this country is only ever positive for our younger generation.

“Playing and importantly sticking with team sports can help grow our younger generation with life skills including team work, confidence, kindness and hard work while being both gracious in success and defeat,” said Morgan.


“The more kids playing sport the better off our future society will develop, as they say, healthy body, healthy mind.

“With female football role models emerging from the Matilda’s especially, this only strengthens the attractiveness of the sport giving the girls something to aspire to and be excited about.”


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