Helensburgh Thistle continue their undefeated ways on Saturday afternoon with a massive 4-1 victory over the Fernhill Foxes at Ray Robinson Park.

Goals from both Kade Kinsella and Liam Unicomb, alongside a double from Blake Currey secured a dominant win for the Thistle side.

Helensburgh started off with a great chance in the opening five minutes with a ball from Kinsella down the line into Unicomb who would soon take a shot at near post, only to be saved by goalkeeper Kiel Zerner.

The Foxes would immediately retaliate back with a run down the line from Kyle Del before crossing the ball into the feet of captain Jordan Hughes, getting a shot at goal and sending it just centimetres over the cross bar.

Not long after, an effort from the Thistle defence line sent Brad Watts toward the by-line before squaring the ball into Unicomb who’s shot was later saved once more by the hands of Zerner.

Helensburgh did not stop pushing for a goal and it showed when Jarrod Benham sent his precise corner ball into the head of Blake Currey who neatly headered the ball into the back of the net, taking a 1-0 lead just 15 minutes in.

In the 25th minute, the Foxes came firing back when right-back Daniel Jorge sent a long-ball into the head of Kurt Foulger whose effort went straight into the hands of Jordan Paull.

Seconds later, an absolute power shot from Hughes outside the 18-yard box looked to be dangerous but went just wide off the post.

Attacking chances for Fernhill weren’t over just yet, with a long ball from Jorge into the feet of Kyle Del who would later send Nelson McLeod in behind the defence line before McLeod calmly tucks the ball away into the back of the net to find the equaliser for the Foxes in the 30th minute.

With just one minute to go in the first half, Currey takes a free kick for the Thistles, finding the head of Blake Hewson but was denied once more by an outstanding Zerner.

The two sides would head into the sheds at half-time with a 1-1 draw.

Helensburgh came into the second half firing when an intercept off the kick-off from Currey found Kinsella out wide, before taking a powerful strike at goal and taking an early 2-1 lead.

The Thistles looked to be the most dominant side, with several threatening chances from both Watts and Kinsella, but were unsuccessful.

Just 55 minutes in, the Foxes were left with a man down when centre-back Kurt Foulger received his second yellow card for the match.

It wasn’t going well for the home side as the Thistles would soon be awarded a penalty after a handball from the Foxes defender, just 10 minutes later.

Currey stepped up to the penalty spot, scoring his second for the match.

Substitute Daniel Djukic made a positive impact off the bench for the Foxes, taking space and beating his defence line before hitting a powerful ball at goal, only to be saved by Paull.

The Foxes had a couple more half-chances in the following few minutes with some well-structured combinations between Matt Galanti and the Djukic brothers in the front third but could not find the back of the net.

It wasn’t over just yet, when a rebound ball in the centre of the 18-yard box fell into the feet of Liam Unicomb who effortlessly taps the ball into the back of the net in the 87th minute.

The Thistles quite comfortably secured a 4-1 win over the Fernhill Foxes at Ray Robinson Park on Saturday afternoon.

Fernhill will host a strong Unanderra Hearts side next Thursday evening for their Round 10 wash-out match.

Fernhill Foxes 1 (Nelson McLeod 30’)

Helensburgh Thistle 4 (Blake Currey 16’ 65’, Kade Kinsella 46’, Liam Unicomb 87’)

Fernhill Foxes: 1. ZERNER Kiel, 2. JORGE Daniel, 3. CALDER Lachlan, 4. FOULGAR Kurt, 5. OLIVER Anthony, 6. DJUKIC Dejan, 7. HUGHES Jordan, 8. PASSLACK Mattias, 9. DEL Kyle, 10. GALANTI Matt, 11. MCLEOD Nelson

Substitutes: 12. DJUKIC Daniel (PASSLOCK), 13. MINDZAS Tom (JORGE), 14. JAGNJIC Danilo (HUGHES), 21. HADAYA Yacoub

Helensburgh Thistle: 1. PAULL Jordan, 2. WATSON Rob, 3. BENHAM Jarrod, 4. HOPE Ryan, 5. LEHN Ethan, 6. CURREY Blake, 7. UNICOMB Liam, 8. PATTERSON Vaughan, 9. KINSELLA Kade, 10. WATTS Brad, 12. HEWSON Blake

Substitutes: 11. VAN ZYL Luke (WATSON), 13. WATTS Ben, 17. FOX Mitchel (CURREY), 86. BROWN Connor

Date: 25 June 2022

Referee: John Ruscica

Assistant Referees: L. Edwards – Villata

Report by Alison Dinh, @alisondinh_ on Twitter

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