Boys National Premier League 2

Program Overview

The National Premier Leagues NSW Youth 2 is the second tier league of youth football in NSW. The competition consists of 24 teams competing in a two-phase competition; in phase 1 each club will play 11 rounds from U13 through to U16, teams will be grouped based on these results for phase two; upon completion a championship series will be run for each group.

South Coast Flame FC NPL 2 Youth League – Vision

Our vision is to educate, develop and inspire the next generation of professional footballers, which is why we aim to create and maintain the very best coach education and development system that delivers the right type of coaching, by the right coach in the right environment, at the right time.

South Coast Flame FC NPL 2 Youth League – Mission

Our mission is to create an outstanding club culture with the right people who have communication skills and personal qualities to be open-minded, growth mindset, willing to be mentored and seek feedback aimed at personal improvement so together we can accomplish great things.

For details regarding trials and further information please use the following link: South Coast Flame FC