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Grassoots Licence – (5-9 Year Old Players)
Course Fee – FREE

Known as the ‘Discovery Phase’

The 3 hour course is fully practical and encourages the coach to develop practices that are based on FUN. The emphasis is on natural development i.e learning by PLAYING football. No coaching but organising FUN football exercises is the key to helping players build a love for the game. Another highlight of the course is that coaches are exposed to basic rules of the game as well as tips and hints on building a football culuture in a completely practical setting.

Skill Training Certificate – (9-13 Year Old Players)
Date: Wednesday 5th, 12th, 19th April 2023
Time: 5:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Unanderra Oval, Unanderra
Registration Link: https://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/event.asp?ID=26481
Course Fee – $90.00

Known as the ‘Skill Acquisition Phase’

In the Skill Acquisition Phase the coach must focus on building a solid foundation of Technical Skill. The course is conducted over 14 hours, is fully practical and deals with the development of the 4 Functional Game Skills:

• First Touch
• Running with the Ball
• 1v1
• Striking the Ball

Game Training Certificate – (13-17 Year Old Players)
Date: 21st, 23rd, 28th and 30th March
Time: 6:00pm – 9:30pm
Location: Terry Reserve, Albion Park
Course Fee – $90.00
Registration Link: https://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/event.asp?ID=26532

Known as the ‘Game Training Phase’

In the Game Training Phase the coach’s aim will be the development of tactical awareness, perception and decision making through a game related approach, to training. The course is conducted over 14 hours, is fully practical and provides the coach with training sessions designed to help the players apply Functional Game Skills in a team using the FFA endorsed ‘1-4-3-3’ formation.

Senior Coaching Certificate – (17+ Year Old Players)
Course Fee – $90.00

Known as the ‘Performance Phase’

In this Phase the coach prepares the team for a competition environment where the winning becomes the main aim. Training focuses on solving football problems, based on match analysis. FOOTBALL CONDITIONING also becomes a key part of the course. The course is conducted over 14 hours and assists the coach by providing model sessions on solving football problems.


The Advanced Pathway is for coaches involved with ‘Performance’ players, otherwise referred to as ‘talented’ or ‘elite’. Courses cover the Skill Acquisition, Game Training and Performance Phases of the FFA National Football Curriculum Building Blocks.

All courses are focused on the FFA Coaching Expertise Model, with appropriate emphasis and extension according to the target candidates. Coaches need to be proficient in written and spoken English, as well as physically fit to participate in all practical sessions. Full course attendance is required and coaches cannot catch up missed modules. A laptop and internet access is required for all courses. Candidates are recommended to develop proficiency in: using basic computer programs, including Powerpoint/Keynote; editing match movies/DVDs, cutting them into clips, and inserting into presentations; having one’s own training sessions filmed, saved on laptop/hard drive and/or uploaded to YouTube, for example.