Help for Kids


Children should feel safe at home, sport, school and in any organisation. If you are under 18 years of age and someone is making you feel unsafe or scared or is hurting you, it is important to tell someone that you trust. Even if the person who is making you feel unsafe tells you not to tell anyone or says it’s a secret, you still need to tell someone.

Who can you talk to?

These are some of the people you can talk to if you feel unsafe or someone is hurting you:

  • Mum or Dad
  • Foster parent or guardian
  • Grandma
  • Grandad
  • a Teacher
  • your sport Coach or Manager
  • your Auntie or Uncle
  • an older Brother or Sister
  • your friend’s parents
  • a Doctor or Nurse
  • a Police officer
  • a librarian at school
  • the school counsellor
  • the Minister at your church, temple or synagogue
  • Another adult that you know and trust

Who can you call?


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