FSC Introduce ‘development’ Arm Bands for all New and U18 Referees.

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⚽️We all know that Referee shortages are a worldwide problem. Football South Coast are pleased to introduce a new initiative that highlights those referees most vulnerable to spectator outbursts.

This initiative aims to provide support and recognition to our emerging Level 4 (new) referees, and all Under 18 referees who are officiating on Senior games. These referees will be identified through a yellow “development” armband and the aim is to help them navigate their early experiences on the field.🥳

The primary objective of the Development Armbands initiative is to offer visible support to new and developing level 4 referees who may face challenges, and by wearing these armbands, to encourage a culture of respect, support and understanding from players, coaches, and spectators.
The Development Armbands will be bright yellow in colour and feature the word ‘Development’ and will act as a visible reminder to all players, coaches, and spectators that the wearer is a new level 4 referee or an Under 18 referee officiating a senior game.🎉⚽️

Football South Coast is committed to providing increased support for referees across the region and to improve the experience for our match officials at our local games.
It is hoped that the initiative will be supported by all member of the football community to make football a safer and more welcoming sport for everyone involved.

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