2022-4-23 Berkeley vs Fernhill (103)

Berkeley Sports left nothing under the table on Friday night, defeating University 2-1 away from home.

It was a slow start for Berkeley, but later proved to be the most dominant side 20 minutes into the match.

Hayden Till put the ball away for the visitors midway through the first half before an own goal by the home side doubled Berkeley’s advantage in the second half.  

In the first 10 minutes of the match, University brought nothing but pressure for the away side with a powerful strike from Ryan Sinclair before hitting it wide off the far post.

They looked to be dangerous once more with a ball from Sinclair into the centre of the six-yard box where Oscar Pruks would soon be denied at goal by Claude D’Alessio.

Not long after, Berkeley reacted back with Jon Adams receiving a corner ball before taking aim at goal from a half-volley, only to be also denied by the crossbar.

It wasn’t long until Berkeley continued to find their rhythm with Aurin Jones sending a corner ball into the centre of the box before a flick-on from Nuno Pirez finds Hayden Till, who later hits a half-volley into the back of the net to give the away side a 1-0 lead in the 31st minute.

UOW looked to respond with a couple of attacking chances from Pruks and Ashley Hawkes but could not break through Berkeley’s strong defence line.  

Pirez was just centimetres away from doubling their lead for Berkeley right before the half-time whistle, sending a long-range shot at goal but just skimming the crossbar.  

There was an overflow of attacking chances, but a very dominant Berkeley side took a 1-0 advantage over University FC into the sheds at half-time.

UOW continued to come out with a flood of chances in the second half of the match including combination plays from Ashley Hawkes into Alex Coetzer who picked up the ball inside the box before striking his shot wide.  

Just minutes later, University looked to be dangerous once more with Hawkes crossing a precise ball onto the head of Pruks who would soon be denied once more by D’Alessio, another outstanding save.

In the 54th minute, the Goats’ first goal-scoring opportunity in the second half came from Jones who sent a long ball in behind the defence line, into the feet of Pires where he would soon strike the ball into the hands of goalkeeper Jordan Kipps.

Just minutes later, UOWFC restored parity with a free-kick being rewarded to the home side just outside the 18-yard box. Josh Martin sent a neat ball toward the back post where Pruks header effort was sent into the back of the net, evening the scores at 1-1 in the 55th minute.

It wasn’t over for Berkeley just yet with defender Aaron Trevisi taking space out wide and down the line before crossing the ball into the 18-yard box where it would soon be deflected off University’s defender Charlie Farr and into the visitor’s net, scoring an own-goal for Berkeley.

A chance to score their third goal, Berkeley’s Brane Radmanovic took place in the centre of the pitch, sending a straight through ball into Jon Adams whose shot went wide of the near post.

Radmanovic came close once more, receiving a rebound ball outside the box, before sending a powerful strike towards goal which would soon be saved by the fingertips of Kipps.

University FC was a shoulder away from equalising in the 90th minute with substitute Chris Twigg slotting the ball into the back of the net after a one-on-one chance with goalkeeper D’Alessio, before the referee blew off-side.

The home side fought until the very final blow, but it was Berkeley Sports who proved to be the most commanding side, taking home a 2-1 victory over UOWFC, defeating one of the top three teams in the League.

Berkeley Sports will host Shell Cove next Saturday afternoon for the round 17 fixtures, meanwhile, University FC will play against Oak Flats Falcons at Kooloobong Oval.  

University FC 1 (Oscar Pruks 55’)

Berkeley Sports 2 (Hayden Till 31’, Charlie Farr OWN GOAL 58’)

University FC: 1. KIPPS Jordan, 2. PRUKS Oscar, 3. HAWKES Ashley, 14. MARTIN Josh, 19. COETZER Alex, 21. FRKOVIC Brooklan, 32. GIGLIOTTI Anthony, 36. FARR Charlie, 38. FLINT-PETERSON Eamon, 39. KEARTON Alex, 48. SINCLAIR Ryan

Substitutes: 8. SIMMS Jordan, 12. HANSON Cameron, 18. KELLY Angus, 22. TWIGG Chris, 31. ARUT Anghuman

Berkeley Sports: 1. D’ALESSIO Claude, 2. MUSCAT John, 3. TREVISI Aaron, 4. CROUCH Ryan, 5. TILL Hayden, 6. MATSUOKA Ryosuke, 7. KAGAMI Mondo, 8. JONES Aurin, 9. PIRES Nuno, 10. ADAMS Jon, 11. RADMANOVIC Brane

Substitutes: 12. JORGE Damian, 13. EVANS Dylan, 14. KING Jarryd, 15. SKANDARI Moey, 21. BOERSMA Lachlan

Date: Friday 10 June 2022

Venue: UOW Field 1

Referee: Mick Agim

Assistant Referees: Greg Reid and Lachlan Davidson

Report by Alison Dinh, on Twitter @alisondinh_

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