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Don’t let the season opener be a heart stopper

With the winter football season just around the corner, many of you are eager to hit the field.

The Chief Medical Officer of Football NSW, Corey Cunningham, encourages all “weekend warriors”, especially in the fast-growing Over 35s age group, to do a health check with your local GP.  He says people who exercise regularly feel more energetic, manage their weight better, have lower blood pressure and have stronger muscles and bones, but they should not take their health for granted just because their minds are willing and they can still kick a ball!  “Like any physical activity at this age, you need to ensure you are prepared for the start of the season and continue to monitor and manage your health throughout.”

Doing a health checking in with your GP is most important. Corey says you should get a ‘Pink Slip’ for your health as you would for your car. He also recommends getting active in advance and watching your diet and beverage consumption.

Our medical partner, Ochre Health Medical Centre in Wollongong, has come on board with the offer of free pre-season health checkups for all players over the age of 35. They will even extend the offer to anybody under 35 if you ask nicely – just mention your club membership!

Ochre Health Medical Centre in Wollongong is located at Level 1, 51 Crown St (on the corner of Corrimal St). Bookings can be made over the phone on 4276 7000 or online via the Ochre Health website [link to https://www.ochrehealth.com.au/practices/new-south-wales/ochre-health-medical-centre-wollongong-nsw-2/]

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