As the reality of COVID-19 continues to develop, we hope that all our football family remains safe during this time.

FFA advised last week that in response to the Coronavirus, all football activity (ie matches, training sessions, courses, etc) have been suspended until 14 April 2020. This is a temporary measure and we want to assure our football community that we are working hard in the background to ensure that the game can return to normal as soon as possible. To this end we have been working hard on various competition scenarios and structures to ensure that FSC, our clubs and competitions can resume once the suspensions are over.

While football is temporarily suspended, it is important to continue to support all of our local member clubs to ensure we can all continue to enjoy the game we love when football recommences. Football is the largest participation sport in the Illawarra, and football through our association and clubs, provide a vital role to keep our community mentally and physically healthy through the many social benefits our beautiful game provides.

Since the announcement last week, we have developed a Q&A document for your information. This is a starting point to enable us to provide as much clarity as we can, based on information we have at this point in time.


We have also sent to our clubs revised competition schedules with the best case competition start date as 2 May 2020.

It has become clear overnight that things are changing at a rapid pace, therefore we have built competition schedules around a number of other scenarios and dates. For some of you that may remember, many years ago we lost half a season due to wet weather. So please be assured, although there are so many priorities for all of us at this point in time outside of sport, we will work with our clubs to do what we can to ensure our sporting lives can continue this year.

Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times where health and well being is the key focus of everyone at this point in time.


Yours in football,

Ann-Marie Balliana

Managing Director and CEO 

Football South Coast

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