Junior Competitions – Division/Grading process

The Competition coordinator provides clubs with a guide of proposed divisions in November. This guide assumes that all teams return from the previous season with similar personnel.

Clubs in mid-February nominate

  • the number of teams,
  • the requested division, and
  • have an opportunity to provide reasons for requests.

A grading committee will then formulate the competitions for each age group and

  • determine the number of divisions,
  • place teams into those divisions,
  • determine the structure of the competition.


  • the guide,
  • team lists submitted by clubs,
  • reasons provided,
  • player movement.

A draft of the divisions and structure for the new season is provided to clubs. A club has an opportunity to put in an appeal.

The appeal meeting is open to all club executives to attend and provide input. The Junior Council will hear the appeal.

Once the decision from the appeal is given, then this process is finished. Competition draws can then be constructed.

Note – Under 12’s is a grading year and normally has two phases:
Phase 1 – A series of grading games to determine divisions for the second half of the season.
Phase 2 – Organised competition matches in divisions.